Secrets of Beauty evolved within the creative mind of a woman who suffered from the insecurity caused by the plague of adolescent acne and fear of inheriting melasma, a dark pigmentation of the skin that her mother suffered from. These conditions became her inspiration and passion to discover and implement effective treatments for this skin conditions affecting many people today.

Born and raised in Medellin Colombia. Paola, founder and CEO of Secrets of Beauty, graduated with an international business degree and  with a true adoration of body contouring and skin care she would attend short term classes and seminars since very short age. Few years after she moved to NYC where she attended one of New York's most prestigious skin care schools where she  acquired her esthetician's license, allowing her to be the perfectionist of skin care that she is  today. During her 11 years working with skin, Paola also assisted a top notch cosmetic surgeon with procedures like liposuction and lasers and was he's skin care specialist for over 4 years .

She is well equipped with the latest technology available and goes to great lengths to ensure that the face of her client is quite like a walking piece of art from head to toe. And just like her luxury masks made of high quality essentials the real riches come from her hands that heal the skin of her clients, that touch not only their bodies, faces but their souls , giving them confidence to wear their skin well, after all your skin is one of the must precious assets, and make us unique.

Skin care is not a luxury. It is a necessity.